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Investment Perspective: 2018 Outlook

2018 Outlook TAX CUTS/REGULATIONS/SPENDING:  The Trump Administration/Congress has pushed through a major corporate tax cut, is cutting regulation, but has not reigned in government spending. Forecast: Real GDP growth of 3.0% rate in 2018, the fastest annual growth...

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Investment Perspective: Dow at a Million?

Dow at a Million? The Dow at 1,000,000 by the end of the century is exactly what Warren Buffett predicted at the Forbes 100 Party recently.  Is that possible? Not only is it possible but it is more than likely. Consider the 1900s. Buffett: “In the 20th century, the...

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Investment Perspective: PEAK to PEAK

PEAK to PEAK  - 10 Years Since the Crash October 9th is exactly ten years from the day that the stock market peaked prior to the Financial Panic of 2008.  It was quite a decade; but what if you had known beforehand that the following events were going to occur: That...

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