Earning Your Trust Is
What Matters the Most to Us

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At Merrill Financial Associates, you can trust that we will always act in our clients’ best interest. We offer fee-only financial services, which means our decisions aren’t influenced by third parties, and we don’t earn any commissions on selling products. We care only about what is best for our clients.

Our advisors are 100% transparent and unbiased. With our fee-only compensation structure, there are absolutely no conflicts of interest, so we can offer objective advice to help you reach your goals.

Since every client is unique, we don’t apply a one-size-fits-all solution. Our experts at Merrill Financial Associates have a broad understanding of all best practices so they can tailor the best solutions to fit your needs—free of bias.

For 57% of Americans, the most important factor in choosing a financial advisor is that they are “someone I can fully trust to have my best interests at heart [and] not just out to sell [a] product.”

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